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February 24, 2011 / maureen

Review an “attempt in progress” and submit the result for a student.

When a student is interupted or has an error while taking or submitting a test, it is possible that some of their answers may be saved. The instructor can review the test and submit the result for the student.

In the gradebook – look for the attempt in progress symbol


(1) The attempt in progress symbol looks like a paper with pencil.
(2) Click on the drop-down menu (two downward arrows) on the right of the grade entry to get the context menu.
You will see the date of the attempt. Make sure the student is done trying to take the test.
(3) Click on View Grade Details.

View the attempt


Now you’ll see the entry for that student’s attempt including the date and time.
Click on the View Attempt button.

Review the student’s attempt.


You’ll be able to review the attempt including any answers that have been saved. ( It is possible no answers were saved – if so that will be indicated as Selected Answer: [None Given]

Next click on the link above the test "Test Information"

Expand the "Test Information"


After you expand the "Test Information" by clicking on that underlined link, you’ll see a button that will allow you to submit the test for the student.
A dialog box will ask you if you are sure. You will then get a chance to add feedback to the student or notes to yourself.
Click Save and Exit.

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