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June 15, 2012 / maureen

Getting Started With Elluminate

This lesson will help you get your computer set-up for using Elluminate. You will need a microphone and headphones to use audio in the Elluminate room. If you are using a USB microphone or headset with a Windows computer, you will need to plug in your microphone before starting the Elluminate meeting.

Go to the Elluminate "First Time Users" page


To use Elluminate (known at UAS as Webmeeting) you will need a reliable Internet connection, appropriate computer and have "Java" installed on your computer.
Step One

  • Using the computer that you will use for Elluminate, follow this link: Elluminate Live! First Time Users
  • If your computer is properly set-up – you should see success messages similar to those shown above (with appropriate operating systems and version of Java)
  • If you do not have Java installed you can follow the link on the Elluminate page:

The Elluminate page may report that the operating system "Lion" for Macintosh is not supported. However it WILL work for most functions if you install "Java" by following the link above.

Step Two: Configuring Your System


Follow the link in Step Two on the Elluminate First Time Users page to the Configuration Room

When you follow this link you may get some security warnings. If you are using Internet Explorer you may see the yellow bar above the browser window as shown above

Accept the download using Internet Explorer


In Internet Explorer, click on the Yellow Bar and choose Download File

Choose to Run the file


You’ll get one or both of these screens –

  • (1) Choose "Open" when asked what you want to do with the file then click OK (2)
  • You may get an additonal security warning – choose "Run"

Elluminate will start


Elluminate will start. If you are asked the speed of your connection — choose one that is no faster than your current connection. If unsure or you are operating on a wireless connectin – choose "Dial-up"

Follow the instructions to test your audio set-up


Once you’ve joined the meeting you’ll see a list of participants on the left side. Follow the instructions on the whiteboard to test your audio set-up.

If your microphone or headset are not working or you have other problems joining the Elluminate meeting you can contact the helpdesk. You should try to do this before your first Elluminate meeting.

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