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June 15, 2012 / maureen

Uploading a Syllabus to Your Blackboard Course Site

This tutorial describes how to upload a syllabus to your Blackboard coure site.

First have the syllabus prepared using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Save the syllabus on your computer.

Go to UAS Online ( and sign in with your username and password. Click on the link to your course.

Go to the "Syllabus" Content Area


On the left side of the course site is the Course Menu. The default course menu has a content area called "Syllabus". Click on the link "Syllabus"

In the "Syllabus" Content Area


At the top of the syllabus content area you’ll see three buttons. Move your cursor over the Build Content button then choose Syllabus from the menu.

Upload Your Syllabus


(1) Type in a name for the syllabus
(2) Select Use Existing File. The Browse My Computer button will now appear.
(3) Click the Browse My Computer button – then browse on your computer to find your syllabus file. The name of the file appears below the Browse My Computer button.
(4) Click Submit

Add a Description


After you click submit you will havea chance to add a description – this will appear below the link to the syllabus.

Further down the page you have options to restrict availability of the syllabus. Most often you’ll want to leave the syllabus available all the time, so you don’t need to change these options.

Scroll down and click Submit.

Editing the Syllabus in the Future


In the future you’ll want to edit this item. You’ll edit the original file on your computer, then re-attach an updated version to the Syllabus item.

Next to the name you’ve give the item with the attached syllabus, you’ll see two downward facing arrows – these indicate a drop-down menu. Choose Edit and you will have the option to delete the original attached file and attach an updated file.

You can add more to the Syllabus Content Area by choosing "Add Item" from the Build Content menu.

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