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June 15, 2012 / maureen

Using the Export Tool from UAS Online and Importing into Blackboard

To move content, tests, and resources from UAS Online to Blackboard you will:

  1. First go to your UAS Online Course
  2. Use the Export tool found in Instructor Tools
  3. Save a "package" file to your computer
  4. Next go to your new Blackboard Course
  5. Use an Import tool there to upload the package file

The UAS Online Export tool is described below.

Go to your old course in UAS Online

  • Login to UAS Online and go to your old course. You should have Instructor Tools on your menu.
  • Within Instructor Tools: Click on Export

Select the items you wish to export

  • Select the Items you wish to Export.
  • In the box labeled "Title" you will see the default name of the Content Area into which Blackboard will import your resources, links etc. The default is to import into the existing Content Area labeled "Course Content". If you change this name, Blackboard will create a new Content Area (new area on the Blackboard Course Menu).

Click the button labeled Generate Export Package

The package file is created


After a while (the time will depend on how much content you have to export) a package file will be created – you’ll see a link to the file near the top of the page.
Click on the link and save the package file to your computer. You can rename it but be sure and keep the extension .smscc
NOTE – if you rename the file do not include spaces or unusual characters in the file name (you can include dash or underscore, but not characters such as &, # etc.)

After you save this file to your computer, the next step will be to import it to your Blackboard course site.

Go to your new Blackboard course site


Login to your new Blackboard course site. You should see the Control Panel in the lower left below the Course Menu.

  • Click on Packages and Utilities to expand it
  • click on Import Package/View Logs

Click on the Import Package button on the left


Browse and select your package file


Click the Browse button and select the package file that you previously saved to your computer.

Select the types of items you wish to import


Select the types of items you wish to import.

  • "Content Areas" (1) will need to be checked to import resources (files and links) or Announcements/Assignments/Webliography/Bibliography(as static html pages).
  • "Tests, Surveys and Pools" (2) will need to checked to import Quizzes and Essays

Completing the Import Process

  • A "Success" message (1) should appear near the top of the page – you will get an email when the import process is complete.
  • Do not edit your course until the process is complete!
  • A log file (2) will appear when the import process is complete (you will need to reload the page to see it).

The log file frequently may contain warnings and non-fatal errors. If the import process appears to have worked satisfactorily you can ignore them. If it doesn’t work, the log file can be forwarded to the helpdesk along with information about what UAS Online course/semester you exported from and which Blackboard course/semester you are importing to.

Where to find your imported content

  • Your Resources (files and links) and html pages created from Announcements, Assignments, Webliography and Bibliography will be imported into the Course Content area (1) on your Blackboard Course menu (unless you decided to create a new Content Area by renaming it).
  • A new Content Area called Weblinks (2) will also be created and contain any links that were exported. These are duplicates – they will also be imported into Course Content in the appropriate locations.
  • Clicking on Course Content, you’ll see folders corresponding to the different types of items.
  • Clicking on Class Resources, you’ll see your imported Resources (sorted into folders if you used Categories) as well as Webliography, Bibliography, and links to Web Recordings.

Where to find your imported tests

  • Go to the Control Panel located below the Blackboard Course Menu and click on Course Tools (1) to expand it.
  • Click on Tests, Surveys and Pools (2)
  • When that page loads, click on Tests (3)

Quizzes and Essays are both imported as Tests


All of the Quizzes and Essay tests you exported will be listed. They are not deployed (posted) to any Content Area yet. In Blackboard, both Quizzes (containing multiple choice and other types of computer graded questions) and Essay Tests (containing questions to be answered in written form) are considered "Tests" – they just contain different question types.

WARNING! – The imported content area becomes the Entry Point for your course.


When using the UAS Online to Blackboard export/import tool. The Content Area becomes the Entry Point for the course (rather than the default Annoucements).

You usually want announcements to be the entry point – so anyone entering the course won’t miss Announcements. Reset the Entry Point by doing the following:

  • In the Control Panel click on Customization
  • Click on Style
  • Scroll down to item number 4 and where it says "Entry Point" – change the selection to Announcements.

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