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January 3, 2013 / maureen

Add a Webmeeting to your UAS Online Portfolio Page

This tutorial explains how to add a Webmeeting to your UAS Online Portfolio page. This webmeeting can be set so anyone can join it – use it to host Office Hours for multiple classes at the same time or to meet with advisees or colleagues. After creating the webmeeting you can send the link to anyone in an email or post it as an External Link or URL in Blackboard.

Go to your UAS Online Portfolio


Any UA employee or student who has an account on UAS Online (http:/ ) has a portfolio automatically created for them. After you login to UAS online (same login as your UAS email ) you can get to your Portolio by clicking on the link in the upper right.

Add new sub-page


Once your’re in your portfolio you will want to add a new Sub-page. This is because we’re going to change the permissions of that page, so you may not want it on the front page of your portfolio.

  • Click on the button "Add a New Sub-Page"

Adjust Webmeeting Settings


After you have added the Webmeeting you can Edit Webmeeting Settings as you like. If you want to change the settings you’ll

Give the new page an ID


Type in an ID for the new page (Webmeeting for example)

Give the page a name and description


(1) Give the page a Name (required)
(2) Add Description (optional)
(3) Click Save

Make sure you click Save before the next step!

Add the Webmeeting


Scroll down until you see the Webmeeting section
(1) Click the plus sign to expand the section
(2) Check to display a Webmeeting on this page
(3) Click Save

Make sure you click Save before the next step!

Change Security Settings


(1) Click on the Security Settings tab
(2) In the Reviewers area click "Unrestricted" – without this others won’t be able to join your meeting
(3) Click Save

Use the "breadcrumbs" to navigate to your new page


In the upper left of the portfolio page, click on the name of your new page (Webmeeting in this example) to navigate to the new page.

Get the link to your new page to share with others

  • The best way to copy the link to your new page is to right-click on the page link (cntrl-click on a Mac) and "copy link location" or "copy shortcut" (the exact wording will depend on your browser
  • If you want to copy only the webmeeting link (not the link to the whole page) then right-click on the "Participate Now" link and copy that
  • After copying the link you can paste it into an email or you can create an External Link or URL on Blackboard

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